Anyone can join Quixote's. We don’t vet potential members, but we do have some requirements - which are that you pay the camp fee, contribute to the running of the camp, and are willing to participate in the life of the camp and carry out any tasks you sign up for – be it in construction, bar work, clean-up, whatever...  A full list of jobs for campmates to sign up for is created every year when we're planning and is usually linked to from this webste and the mailing list. See Camp with Us for a better idea of what you commit to as a Quixote's campmate.

Though most of us are from the UK, we count Germans, Swiss, Irish, Belgians, Australians, South Africans, Dutch, New Zealanders, Danes and Austrians among our past and present membership. We’ve even got a few token ‘Meercans. They just love our accents (waves at Mark, Maureen, MK, Moose and Whitney!) The upper limit for camp members is 50 - this is because that’s the maximum we can cook for and keeps the camp small enough that pretty-much everyone can get to know everyone, personal-like.

So civillised


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