Quixote's (aka QCCB) is a gathering of people who get together to build a theme camp at Burning Man. It’s a cabaret club. And bar. Except when it's a pub. With a small cabaret stage.

In 2005 it was a 20ft x 40ft* enclosed stage made of scaffolding and tarpaulin, with a borrowed sound system and the world’s finest 50-buck homemade lighting rig. We served cocktails from a trestle table and had a tea dance, complete with cucumber sandwiches. It took two days to build and had 38 camp members. We ran four shows and the finest acts that Black Rock City has to offer graced our stage.

In 2006 it was circular. And 60ft in diameter. And 26ft high at its highest point. Known as ‘Monty’s Folly’, we covered it with a parachute. The kind the US military use to drop tanks into those places in the world that have a surfeit of oil over democracy. It had the same borrowed sound system and thousands of dollars-worth of borrowed lighting rig. The fact that none of the 50 camp members actually died during the four days it took to construct will remain a mystery (Hi, ‘Dangerous’). We wrote a proper script, with sound cues and props, ran three shows, were invaded by clowns and had a bar and stage so solid you could dance on both of them. Then we got on the front page of Wikipedia for Burning Man.

Building Monty's Folly - scaffolding  Building Monty's Folly - parachute

In 2007, we ‘just’ built a pub. A proper old-fashioned British Pub. It had real ale (well - Pabst Blue Ribbon - caution - might taste like beer), it had a quiz, darts, a pool table, rowdy stag and hen nights and Chas ‘n’ Dave on the jukebox. It was small(er). It was (slightly) more manageable. But you could still see it from space.

2007 pub

Ever since then, we've alternated - so one year we have a pub with a cabaret stage, the next year we have a full blown cabaret theatre with a bar.

What follows is the Tao of QCCB. It’s not a history - for that you’ll need to get one of the original crew drunk (which will be considerably easier than getting them sober). Instead this is the basic hows and whats of QCCB. We’re beginning to get pretty good at this, and the info contained here in will help keep you safe – both from the harsh desert environment and from the wrath of Princess Impossible and Momma Quixote because you’ve failed to fill up the shower/camped in the dome/poured milk into the veg storage/bought along an undeclared gabba system/forgotten your tent/shagged a trolly dolly/peeled every single bloody potato we’ve got/accidentally brained someone with 26ft of unexpectedly heavy scaffolding pole that you’re not equipped to be fucking about with.

We love you and we don’t want that to happen.

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