The dome is our communal chill space. It’s important to keep it nice so that whenever anyone’s feeling crap they’ve got somewhere relaxing to go.

We’ll need help building the dome (a surreal experience in communal confusion that everyone should experience once. Note for beginners - put the furniture inside EARLY in the process this time...) and decorating the dome.

From there we need everyone to clean up after themselves every time they use the space. Again,don’t think ‘I’ll do that in a few minutes’ - it’s likely you won’t, and meanwhile someone else who needs a chilled out space to be ends up in a horrible,uncomfortable environment. Particularly, make sure you clean up before you go to bed. It feels fine leaving cans and bottles and ashtrays around in the evening, but it’s absolutely disgusting for someone else to have to deal with first thing in the morning. There will be a lost property box.

We’ve got a little sound system in the dome that we use while the generator’s running. If someone’s feeling ill, respect their state of mind/body and turn down the gabba.