How do we communicate?

You've already found our website - well done! 

Email lists

We talk to each other through the magic of a mailing list. 

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We also meet regularly in central London. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the meetings – a few of our members don’t. You can keep up with everything electronically - via the mailing list and online conference calls - and meet us on the Playa. We have people based all over the UK you can meet, too. 

Do I have to go to all the meetings?

Nope - see above. It’ll be worth coming to at least one meeting if you live out of town or work funny hours, just so you can get to know people before you leave.

If you live in London, don’t work shifts and can’t be fucked to drag yourself to at least one meeting, Quixote’s is probably not the camp for you.

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