"It says here you’re a cabaret bar… 

....but I can’t perform."

Well, there’s these blue pills you can get...

But seriously...

Don’t worry about it. We are not looking for the members of QCCB to provide cabaret acts. 

There are plenty of jobs to do, and if you do like flirting with punters and generally having a good time there will be plenty of opportunities to work the bar, play games and run all manner of silly pub entertainment.

Tea time

What are my responsibilities?

If all you want is a group of people to camp with, QCCB is probably not for you. Just keeping a camp of this scale running – before we even consider the public venue – takes a lot of work, all of which has to be carried out by camp members. 

You will need to volunteer to help with the following:

  • One washing up shift (kitchen gimpery)
  • One cooking shift
  • As much clean-up time as necessary to keep the camp spotless
  • Assistance with building the venue/dome/shade structure/kitchen/showers
  • Help running the venue
  • Help with some of the day-to-day camp tasks (e.g. fetching ice etc)
  • Assistance with take-down of venue/dome/shade structure/kitchen/showers, and packing of trucks

Putting it up

When we get to the relevant time in planning for the event, we will let people know.  There will be a list of jobs posted here on the website, and you can volunteer for roles when they're up. 

We need people to do all sorts, from building to cooking to driving to cleaning up (and by the way - everyone will be cleaning up), to mixing cocktails, running entertainments, washing pans, serving behind the bar, chopping veg, and more. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re not skilled – what we really need is extra pairs of hands to help fetch, carry, hold, chop, hammer and have a laugh.

If you DO have particular skills, tell us, so we know what you're good at.

We start work as soon as we arrive – if you find yourself at a loose end, join in. The more help we have, the quicker the venue’s finished and the more fun everyone can have.

Most importantly, is your responsibility to be available and straight/sober for the takedown all day on Sunday

We know having to pack up the best party on Earth is a miserable job, but it’s even more miserable when people don’t help because they met this guy/drank this booze/dropped something unidentifiable/lost their bike/had this wicked massage/were screwing a porn star (they never are)/fell asleep after the Burn. 

We all want to do all these things, and none of them are an acceptable excuse. 

If you’re committing to Quixote’s, you’re committing to a communal adventure, and you can’t opt out of the miserable bits. Quixote’s only survives because we work as a group. 

Lecture over – get back to your porn star. When you’re done, bring him/her/it along to help with the takedown.

While you’re at the camp, if you need something to do, check with one of the old hands who will direct you to the people running different jobs and who will probably worship at your feet if you offer to help.

Packing up

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