Camping with Quixote's is a great way to experience Burning Man.
One of the main principles of Burning Man is that you participate, and don't just spectate.  This means you contribute back to Burning Man in some way, shape or form, and don't just behave like a tourist.  Quixote's offers a way for you to contribute not only to Burning Man, by providing a great venue for Cabaret artists, a bar to quench people's thirst, a venue for the Euroburners' meet & greet, and more - but it's also a way to contribute to your fellow camp mates, by making their trip to Burning Man that little bit easier - and they hopefully will reciprocate by making yours just that bit more enjoyable!
Quixote's 2014 Happy campers
Being part of Quixote's is not a walk in the park by any means, but many people find it easier and less daunting than the challenge of attending Burning Man on their own - or in a small group.  One of the common reactions to camping with QCCB, is that by the end of the week, people are exhausted, tired, happy, sore, dusty and smelly - but most of all happy.  We generally emerge from the desert with grand plans on how we're going to do it even bigger and better the following year - and we've not as yet even got our stuff unpacked and back into storage yet.  You really do get out of it what you put in.
QCCB storage unit in Reno
Because we've been doing this for a few years now, we've got our routine down fairly well, and so it gets slightly easier every year to get out to the Playa, have a great time, and make it back to the real world - without dying (or killing each other) in the process.
Bear in mind that we're not the Black Rock City Hilton - you can't turn up to Quixote's, expect to be around the camp for meals and to sleep at night, but then bugger off in pursuit of some blinky thing you saw wandering past out of the corner of your eye.  We are a full involvement camp, and so if you are looking for a different experience, it's perhaps best if you look elsewhere!  That doesn't mean we suck up ALL of your time!  Not by any stretch. We do, however, expect a certain amount of involvement from our camp members, including helping put the camp together in the first place, cooking / washing up shifts, keeping the camp clean and free of MOOP, striking camp at the end of the week, and running Cabaret nights. Volunteering for one or more of the other roles available is also a good way to get to know your fellow campmates and feel like you're contributing to the overall experience. Otherwise though - there is plenty of time for going off into the desert and experiencing all the wonders that are there to behold.
To learn more about camping with Quixote's, read our online guide, The Tao of QCCB.  Reading this is an essential pre-requisite before you sign up to join our camp. 
Once you've decided that we are the place for you, get in touch with us at  hello (at) qccb.orgto find out how to sign up.
Note that signing up doesn't guarantee you a place in our camp.  These are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on how quickly you pay your camp fees. We do limit the number of people who join the camp, so if you are serious about joining us, sign up now, and then pay your fees when the fees announcement is made.